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Sewage damage happens when you have a sewer backup: that’s when a blockage does not allow wastewater to go through the sewer line to the local sanitary sewers and fills up in lines and pipes until the eventual overflow.  

Sewage damage is the most hazardous type of water damage, as contaminants and bacteria found in this category 3, “black water”, pose great risk to the health. All Restored Inc has a trained crew of certified professionals to clean up sewage damage and make your property 100% free of contamination and odors.

Hazards of Sewage Damage


Health Risks

  • Sewage is contaminated with dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses including Hepatitis A, rotavirus, Salmonella, Norwalk virus, E. coli, Leptospira, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Giardia intestinalis. Thus, it’s forbidden to contact sewage water or even inhale its odor without personal protective equipment. If the sewage damage is not properly cleaned, the hazardous contaminants may remain in the porous materials and cause infections and mold growth.

Cosmetic Damage

  • Sewage quickly affects the surfaces and possessions: stains and discolors walls and floors, damages furniture and fabrics, and tarnishes metal surfaces. Drywall and plaster become weakened and contaminated. Thus, it is important to start a sewage damage cleanup as soon as possible.

Structural Damage

  • Higher amounts of sewage can cause a permanent damage to structural elements such as drywall, plaster, wooden studs and sub-flooring. To avoid warping and splitting, use the services of a local sewage damage restoration company that has proper equipment to extract sewage and mitigate further damage to the structure. 


Damage to Personal Possessions

  • Even if the toy of a favorite sofa do not look fully damaged, they may host harmful viruses that will sooner or later affect your health. The stakes being so high, it is recommended to dispose of personal possessions that came into contact with sewage water. 

Happy Customers

“The best experience I could possibly hope for during a water damage event.  All Restored were great to work with, made the whole process easy and on top of, they worked directly with my insurance for me!”
“Highly recommend calling All Restored for your restoration needs. They showed up in the middle of the night to extract the standing water and had my home dry and restored in less than a week!”

What to Do if You Have a Sewage Damage

As soon as you found out a sewage damage in your home or office, call water and sewage damage restoration company you can trust. Make sure the company can respond to the emergency immediately – even a few hours of delay will make the sewage damage cause many negative consequences. Your task is not to make the matters worse before the professionals arrive:

Don’t use water

If you have a sewage backup or observe any sign of a sewage line problems, don’t flush the toilet or run water. When you send more water down the drain, the sewage backup will become even worse.

Don’t use drain cleaners

Drain cleaners don’t fix the cause of sewage damage, but they may remain on top of the sewage water and further contaminate it with hash chemicals corroding plumbing fixtures and poisoning home inhabitants.

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